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'... the heavens' embroidered cloths ...'

Patterns of the Planets

with Daniel Docherty and Hartmut Warm

4-6 October 2019

​​Cost: £195 (limited conc. available upon request)  
SAOG Studios, Ruskin East,
 Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX, UK

Following the success of SAOG Studios October 2018 Patterns of the Planets course 

we are delighted to be offering the course again in 2019 ...

Join Daniel Docherty and Hartmut Warm this 4-6 October 2019 for what promises to be an enlightening and revelatory practical three-day course at SAOG Studios exploring the Patterns of the  Planets.

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SAOG Studios' next Planetary Patterns course is Sky and Psyche:
Planets Within, Planets Without 17 - 19 July 2024
with Daniel Docherty, John Meeks and Hartmut Warm
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sacredartofgeometry tutor daniel docherty
Hartmut Warm
Harmony of the Spheres
Hartmut Warm
Hartmut Warm
Dance of Venus
Draw the Dance of Venus
Hartmut Warm
Hartmut Warm
Hartmut Warm
Hartmut Warm
Dance of Venus
Dance of Venus
Ameet Hindocha at SAOG Studios
SAOG Studios
SacredArtofGeometry at SAOG Studios
Dance of Venus
Hartmut Warm

"A milestone in modern research on the Harmony of the Spheres." 

Novalis magazine on Hartmut Warm's Signature of the Celestial Spheres

"This book reignites the debate on the harmony of the spheres."

Das Goetheanum

"A milestone in modern research on the harmony of the spheres."  Novalis magazine

Is the solar system ordered, or is it simply the result of random and chaotic accidents?

This three-day course with master geometer Daniel Docherty and  astronomer and Signature of the Celestial Spheres author Hartmut Warm will lead us on a powerful and compelling journey of discovery, revealing the celestial spheres' astonishingly complex patterns. The movements of the planets are found to correspond accurately with simple geometric figures and musical intervals, revealing new perspectives on the ancient idea of a "harmony of the spheres". Hartmut Warm will offer detailed visual presentations incorporating the distances, velocities and periods of conjunction of the planets, as well as the rotations of the Sun, Earth, Moon and Venus which demonstrates the extraordinary beauty of the geometrical forms that result when the movements of several planets are viewed in relation to one another. In addition, Hartmut will present the concepts of the "music of the spheres", with special consideration given to Johannes Kepler's revolutionary ideas.

Current scientific beliefs about the origin of the universe and the solar system are explained, enabling participants to comprehend how Warm's remarkable research supplements contemporary materialistic views of the cosmos. 

Through a contemplative and phenomenological approach to pattern and the unfolding of order in space, Daniel will follow Hartmut's presentations by leading participants through various compass and ruler constructions relating to and embodying the planetary archetypes ...

   "Dear Daniel and Hartmut ...

I just wish to thank you both once again for such an incredible weekend of awe and wonder, and in opening so much wider this heart and mind to the perfect beauty as revealed through our celestial sphere. I have come away with infinite inspiration, and the deepest reminder that whatever challenges may be going on within ones personal life, or collectively, there is an underlying order and beauty that unites the all, as revealed through ‘The Patterns of the Planets’. I feel deeply privileged to have been a part of this coming together, and share with you one of the fruits of what I learnt. Again thank you for generously providing a weekend that has etched something very special upon this soul, and I look forward to further wonders being revealed through  further courses with you."

Charlotte MacTavish Autumn 2018 course participant

Planetary mandala

Drawing: Lin Zhu  

Hartmut Warm at SAOG Studios
Sacred Art of Geometry Studios
Dance of Venus
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