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Sacred Art of Geometry Studios
SAOG Studios, Emerson, Forest Row, UK

Short courses and symposia in the practice and philosophy of Sacred Geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium 

Sacred Art of Geometry
Keith Critchlow filming the Art of the Ever-True at SAOG Studios
Tile making in progress at SAOG Studios
SAOG Studios courses
7 liberal Arts and John Martineau
Keith Critchlow filming the Art of the Ever-True at SAOG Studios
Dance of Venus at SAOG Studios
Celtic Pattern courses at SAOG Studios
Pattern Masters at SAOG Studios
Learn Islamic Geometric Design
Jonathan Horning at SAOG Studios
Daniel Docherty
Alchemy of Pigment and Pattern
Sacred Art of Geometry Studios
Make your own paints
Sacred Geometry at SAOG Studios
Labyrinth course at SAOG Studios
Chartres, Story and Sacred Geometry
Islamic Geometry courses at SAOG Studios
Tile making in progress at SAOG Studios
Art and Craft of Labyrinth
Golden Ratio courses at SAOG Studios
Sacred Geometry and Hexagonal Weave Basketry courses at SAOG Studios
Triskele Mandala
Adam Tetlow at SAOG Studios
Sacred Art of Geometry
saog labyrinth

"The higher purpose of geometry is to participate, body, soul and spirit, in the objective universal laws that govern and cohere our universe. This activity can lead us directly to the centre of our own understanding which unifies us with the whole."         Keith Critchlow  (16 March 1933 – 8 April 2020)

paul marchant - sacredartofgeomrty

Paul Marchant leading a PSTA study trip to Isfahan, 2011

Beginnings ...


We wish, first and foremost, to acknowledge our deep gratitude to two legends:


   Keith Critchlow and  

       Paul Marchant


To be their students, and sometimes colleagues, is, has been, and ever will be, the greatest honour. It is in large part because of their inspirational teachings that Sacred Art of Geometry Studios came into being to further the important work ...



keith critchlow - sacredartofgeometry

Keith Critchlow with Docherty family, London 2012

Keith film

In August 2018 a filmed interview took place at SAOG Studios with the late Professor Keith Critchlow. 

It was made to mark the 70th birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales.

It contains manifold insights pertaining to the Sacred Art of Geometry ...​

Keith Critchlow film.jpg

The film can be viewed here:


Sacred Geometry of Canberra.png

Daniel Docherty presents the 2013

Barbara Blackman Temenos Foundation Lecture, NGA, Canberra, Australia

Daniel Dcherty, Kira Orsak, Keith Critch
Alchemy of Pigment and Pattern.jpg

A course in progress at SAOG Studios: a place where perennial philosophy and timeless wisdom is understood and embodied through craft practice

Daniel Docherty and Kira Orsak (Sacred Art of Geometry Studios co-founders) together with Keith Critchlow and Vija Docherty at SAOG Studios, Emerson College - Summer 2018

Sacred Art of Geometry Studios 

Founded in 2015, SAOG Studios has quickly established itself as a leading educational centre with an international reputation and following. Our focus is to realign the Arts and Soul Sciences and our connection with them to the Sacred. We invite you to join us at the alchemical melting pot that is SAOG Studios, set in the heart of the idyllic Emerson College campus and surrounded by the Ashdown Forest and High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (a stone's throw from London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport!), to experience how Sacred Geometry, the language of the 'ever-true - the eternally existent', can be a powerful means to this end.

It is a rare week/weekend that passes without Daniel Docherty (Programme co-ordinator and senior tutor), or colleague(s), offering some soul-nourishing fare, whether an exploration of the principles and practice of mandalas, patterns of the planets or islamic geometric design. You will just as likely find us diving into the wonderful world of natural pigments, paints and inks or the art and craft of labyrinths. We have been enjoying collaborative courses with our storytelling colleagues over the past couple of years and also pilgrimages to sacred sites such as Chartres, Glastonbury and Avebury ... 

A number of courses have become firm favourites and they tend to feature two or three times a year in SAOG Studios' course calendar alongside regular new course offerings.

We look forward to welcoming you to SAOG Studios sometime soon ...

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