Labyrinth Course

Learn the Art and Craft of Labyrinths

with Daniel Docherty

10-12 October 2020

Cost:          £195 (including materials) 


Time:         10:00-17:00


Where:       SAOG Studios (Ruskin East, Emerson College,                            Hartfield Rd, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX, UK)

A course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths ...

Feedback from past SAOG Studios Art and Craft of Labyrinth course participants:

Wonderful course with a good mix of theoretical techniques, practical skills and magic!  Lorraine Grayston


An outstanding course. Rich in techniques to go along with the mind boggling art of sacred geometry.  Mark Willenbruch


Just brilliant with a touch of magic!  Mandy Pullen


Sacred Geometry for me is becoming a way to discover myself from the understanding of the roots and origins of things. This has been only possible with the guidance and knowledge shared by Daniel during his engaging sessions. This course in labyrinths, was a hands on experience in crafting, drawing and learning the philosophy behind the shapes and forms. Thanks Daniel.  Claudia Martinez


further feedback at bottom of page ...

Image credits: SAOG - (D.Docherty, Kira Orsak), Jeanne-Claire Bischoff (, Labyrinthos (
  • Learn the art of labyrinth design and construction.

  • Construct a collection of 'new' and 'old' labyrinths including the classical seven circuit 'Cretan' and Chartres Labyrinth using compasses and straight-edge.

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of labyrinth forms - ancient and modern - from around the world: how, why, and for whom are they made?

  • What is their significance and symbolism and why the contemporary resurgence of interest in labyrinths?

  • Develop your own labyrinth designs in a range of mediums and materials including lino/plaster/wood ...

  • Create embossed finger labyrinths and prints ... encaustic tile labyrinths ...  gilded labyrinths ...

  • Create a candle-lit labyrinth that we will walk together ...

I GIVE you the end of a golden string;

  Only wind it into a ball,

It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate,

  Built in Jerusalem’s wall.…

W. Blake


Further feedback for SacredArtofGeometry's

Art and Craft of Labyrinth course ...


... a good mix of brain work and creativity.

I feel refreshed and nourished - as if I've had a long holiday.

Jane Bullock

Thank you so much for this inspiring and contemplative time. As someone who hasn't picked up a compass, a paintbrush or a linocutter for over 30 years I spent a lot of time comfortably out of my comfort zone! And what a revelation it is to work with gold leaf!

The geometry was fascinating and the skeleton of the labyrinth is as beautiful as the finished article. As a words person I could have spent a lot longer discussing the symbology and significance of the geometry and the labyrinth but immersing myself in the construction and embellishment was a wonderful way to learn.

I am very much looking forward to sharing a new depth of the labyrinth with my clients as we explore their  rites of passage.

Thank you, thank you!

Karen Abi-Karam​

Loved the variety of techniques that were introduced.

It was very inspiring to experience the different labyrinths and art of constructing. I found the information on the sacred numbers and their connection to labyrinths fascinating ...

Amazing to be able to gild and take so much from the course home ... it was an incredible atmosphere of the place and the Studio with so many amazing drawings, books and materials. Delicious cookies and cakes! Thank you.

I feel inspired ... incredible opportunity to walk the labyrinth to complete the workshop ...

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and warm heartedness with us.


Wonderful studio space and venue - very inspiring place to work and study.

Loved the range of materials amd techniques and having the opportunity to create lino, plaster and gilded labyrinths ... the bringing in of all the connections and references is a wonderful part of these workshops and courses ... nicely paced - covered a lot of things. 

Thanks very much for openess and hospitality!

June 2019 course participant

Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable Labyrinth course. I thought you managed the various levels of knowledge and experience well - from a novice explorer (me!) to those with previous interest who came to learn more. I deeply appreciated your help and encouragement and am delighted to come away with my Chartres Labyrinth, my plaster and embossed labyrinths. 


The experience of constructing and walking the labyrinth (my favourite part of the course!) will stay with me for always - both grounding what I'd learnt during the previous 2 days and providing a magical and healing experience.


Loved the quality coffee and snacks too!  

L. Grayston 

I loved the studio space that felt really fitting to the subject matter. I felt we were really cared for and looked after with freedom to take breaks when we wanted too and lots of snacks, teas and coffees felt relaxing and nurturing.

I loved having the music on, especially the more sacred religious music felt really suitable for what we were doing.

You managed us all well with our differing needs and stages of drawing. I felt really cared for supported.

I think I would have liked some written information with background info on labyrinths as well as a written guide to making the labyrinths we drew. Would be fab to have that, then we can go away and do them!

I loved having the ceremony in the candle labyrinth which felt really important to do as a way of embodying everything we learnt during the wk and as a way of honouring the work and connecting as a group.

I really valued and appreciated the mix of activities we engaged with in creating labyrinths, from the clay, embossed ones, tiles, different inks, sizes and styles. 

It was such a relaxing experience for me, giving myself permission to be creative and engage in an activity that took me out of left brain. Loved it.

Thanks again.

Jake Yearsley​


Amazing and inspiring weekend of labyrinths at the wonderful SacredArtofGeometry Studios.
Some incredible breakthroughs this week continuing to journey in and out of this ancient healing tool ...

Jayne Britton

ALL of it fabulous! Thank you Daniel.

Maya Morgan


Once again, a delightful course at SAOG Studios!

Magic studio, magic labyrinths, and our magic tutor who conjures the most delightful of patterns.

It has been wonderful ...

Susan Dobrian

I’m preparing myself to ‘unpack’ my drawings today and hold onto that gentleness with which we meandered in body, mind and soul through so many labyrinths and patterns.

Daniel, you laid before us your treasures of wisdom for us to know for ourselves. A wonderful offering received with thanks.

A true teacher. Happy meanderings ...

Clare Callanan

Thank you so much ... for such an enjoyable week of nourishing goodiness, both in mind-blowing course content, company and the yummy offerings brought for sharing ...

Andrew Cohan

Thank you all ... for being part of the week. I always get to meet such wonderful people at SAOG ... Having a week with Venus, the Moon and the wonder of Labyrinths was very restorative.

Lynn Hanford-Day 



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