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News and Events

Special event:

Patterns of the Planets

Incorporating the Dance of Earth and Venus Symposium

1-5 June 2020

A celebration of the Dance of Earth and Venus

and other Heavenly Harmonies 

{to coincide with the 'Kiss' (or Venus's inferior conjunction) on the 3rd of June}

SAOG Studios' Patterns of the Planets course/symposium is taking shape and promises to be a real highlight of our 2020 programme ...

Places are filling fast - do book asap if you would like to join us.

Talks and workshops with John Martineau, Hartmut Warm, Adam Tetlow, Tom Bree,

John Wadsworth and Daniel Docherty are already confirmed.

Due to high demand we will be expanding capacity for a mid-week 

Dance of Earth and Venus Symposium

Tuesday (pm/evening) 2nd June - Thursday (pm) 4th June

Bookings are open for both the full Patterns of the Planets week-long course and the

mid-week Dance of Earth and Venus Symposium on the Bookings page

Please note: Due to the current uncertainty around corona virus we

are no longer taking bookings for the Tues. pm 2 June - Thurs pm 4 June

Dance of Earth and Venus Symposium until further notice ...

 Patterns of the Planets  (1-5 June) is due to run as scheduled

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 Highly recommended!
July 2020 tbc  
(Part of the Lifeways conference at Emerson College)
Register your interest in future workshops with Robert Byrnes
Fabulous Folding Forms - Robert Byrnes
Experience, move and make both invertible forms and one of the new forms which their movement creates.  
Robert Byrnes' workshops are practical and 'hands on'; full of magic and mystery and delivered with deep reverence.  R. Byrnes is a mathematician who brings a lifetime of experience working with and
developing the forms and discoveries of Paul Schatz (pictured).
Recent/current SAOG Studios course flyers ...
Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG Studios) 2019 courses
Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG Studios) 2019 courses

Sacred Art of Geometry Australia

Many thanks to all our Australian friends - old and new - who were able to join us during our recent visit (March/April 2019). Sacred Art of Geometry tutors, 

Daniel and Vija Docherty, enjoyed every moment of every course and are already eagerly looking forward to returning in early 2021 Stay tuned ... Join our mailing list for updates.

Spring glimpses at SAOG Studios

The past few weeks at SAOG Studios have been full of special moments ...

not least our 5 May 2019 Weaving the Cosmos course which saw a full cohort of students weave an array of baskets, spheres and willow tatzas. The course begins with an introduction to Order in Space and the most primary of 'Creation' patterns in 2D. The crucial role played by Five and the Golden Ratio is directly experienced when participants need to bring their hexagonal weavings into the round - it makes full sense when doing it!!!

Come and experience it for yourselves ... 

Next course: Weaving the Cosmos: Sacred Geometry and Hexagonal-Weave Basketry: 14 March 2020

A further May 2019 highlight was SAOG Studios first week-long Mandalas of the World course. The constellation of course participants was itself a mandala of the world with locals and Londoners together with students from Brazil, Hawaii, California, Sth Africa and Switzerland. 

A very rich week of sharing interspersed with walks through bluebell woods and wildflower meadows!!

SAOG Studios next week-long Mandalas of the World course: 4-8 February 2020

This course has been a total joy, and it has been full of spiritual and cosmic revelation. The way Daniel teaches perfectly fits the way that I learn best. He treats the material with such reverence and poetic beauty. I feel this week has opened up a path for me, and I feel it will play an important part in my life from now on. I always felt barred from the artistic world, not feeling in any way that I possessed artistic talent but this course has given me access to an artistic passion. I only wish I had been introduced to this way of understanding and practising sacred art earlier! Thank you so much. 

John Wadsworth:

PhD research student at CCCU and author of Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Create Balance, Happiness & Wholeness 

Thank you so much for the magical time spent with you and our fabulous group;  for the oh so special teachings and sharings and for this brilliant glow that surrounds the memory of our time spent together!!!

I’m dreaming geometric shapes every night and am excited to play with my new compass….

Lindka Cierach: Couturier and Fashion Designer