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2020 was a very unusual year! And 2021 hasn't got off to the most promising of starts ...

Existential challenges are the order of the day. The 'Arts' are in danger of going the way of the 'Dodo'.

Cultural initiatives the world over are at best on the ropes, or else down for the count if not already knocked out

Education in England, for the time being, is able to continue 'in person', one of the few opportunities

currently remaining to connect on a social and human level.

At SAOG Studios we recognize the importance of, and deeply value, meeting face-to-face while engaging in the practice and philosophy of the Sacred and Traditional Arts. We are encouraged and very grateful for the appreciation recent course participants have expressed at being able to attend real 'in person' courses!

Reflections and feedback from recent courses including 'Celtic Pattern, Geometry and Imagination' and 'Geometry of Ancient Egypt'

(with Adam Tetlow); 'Geometry and Architecture' (with Jon Allen); and 'Sacred Art of Geometry: an introduction' (with Daniel Docherty) ...

'Ever grateful for the beautiful weekend with Jon. 

May the light of your wonderful work shine forever'

'Fabulous w.end! Thank you'

'An amazing course ... enjoyed every minute and with Daniel holding the space alongside the inspirational, magical Studio - just brilliant!

Thanks for doing these courses and for bringing people together ... '

'Thank you so much for hosting the last three days of Adam’s Geometry of Ancient Egypt course. His discoveries, or perhaps re-discoveries, were utterly fascinating and as always for me when I come to SAOG Studios an initiation into something magical and meaningful that always strikes many chords within me.'

'Thank you Daniel. I arrived nervous and a bit apprehensive.

I leave inspired and with an inner confidence - even with colour!

So absorbing and meditative, it has taken me out of myself and into another realm.'

'The weekend has been an inspiration. 

We spoke about another reality ... and the space, the materials and the breadth of knowledge and skill that you live is heartfelt.

To have spent time together where what is ancient, sacred, striven for is shared.

What an event! '

'... beyond expectations ...'

'What a wonderful couple of days!

Thanks so much. You hit the "beginners" note perfectly.

So much fascinating information. I really hope to be back for more ...'

'Heartfelt philosophy that resonates with our deepest wish expressed through design, colour and skilled instruction.

Who could not feel gratitude at this sharing.'

'Absolutely amazing and fantastic. I had a great weekend. I’ve been exploring geometry for just over a year now and this was a wonderful weekend of getting my foundation stones in a better order, sorted and a little more settled. I think it’s always good to revisit the fundamentals. I learnt so much and was reminded of a lot I had forgotten. I feel much more confident in my skills after the weekend. I’ll definitely be back to do another, it helped me put some of the pieces of the puzzle together. For me, it’s essential to remember the sacredness of these images every time I draw a pattern. It’s an adventure and an initiation into something magical and this weekend really brought that home to me. 

As ever Daniel, I’m truly grateful to you ... thank you so much for remaining open ... for holding the light and offering a portal to the divine for those who wish to step through it ... It’s heaven on Earth! '

It is with the deepest and most heartfelt appreciation that we note the recent crossing of the threshold of our beloved teacher Keith Critchlow.

May your grace, clarity of vision and unwavering pursuit of wisdom continue to guide and inspire ... 

Obituary below from

Visit this Temenos Academy 'page' for reflections and tributes on the occasion of Keith's 88th birthday ...

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 Highly recommended!
July 2021 tbc  
(Part of the Lifeways conference at Emerson College)
Register your interest in future workshops with Robert Byrnes
Fabulous Folding Forms - Robert Byrnes
Experience, move and make both invertible forms and one of the new forms which their movement creates.  
Paul Schatz with oloid
Robert Byrnes' workshops are practical and 'hands on'; full of magic and mystery and delivered with deep reverence.  R. Byrnes is a mathematician who brings a lifetime of experience working with and
developing the forms and discoveries of Paul Schatz (pictured).
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Sacred Art of Geometry Australia

Many thanks to all our Australian friends - old and new - who were able to join us during our recent visit (March/April 2019). Sacred Art of Geometry tutors, 

Daniel and Vija Docherty, enjoyed every moment of every course and are already eagerly looking forward to returning in early 2021 Stay tuned ... Join our mailing list for updates.

Venus Pentagram
Sacred Geometry Australia
Dance of Venus

A May 2019 highlight was SAOG Studios first week-long Mandalas of the World course. The constellation of course participants was itself a mandala of the world with locals and Londoners together with students from Brazil, Hawaii, California, Sth Africa and Switzerland. 

A very rich week of sharing interspersed with walks through bluebell woods and wildflower meadows!!

SAOG Studios next week-long Mandalas of the World course: 7-11 December 2020

Mandalas of te World at SAOG Studios
Mandalas of the World course.jpg
Mandalas of the World course.jpg

This course has been a total joy, and it has been full of spiritual and cosmic revelation. The way Daniel teaches perfectly fits the way that I learn best. He treats the material with such reverence and poetic beauty. I feel this week has opened up a path for me, and I feel it will play an important part in my life from now on. I always felt barred from the artistic world, not feeling in any way that I possessed artistic talent but this course has given me access to an artistic passion. I only wish I had been introduced to this way of understanding and practising sacred art earlier! Thank you so much. 

John Wadsworth:

PhD research student at CCCU and author of Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Create Balance, Happiness & Wholeness 

Thank you so much for the magical time spent with you and our fabulous group;  for the oh so special teachings and sharings and for this brilliant glow that surrounds the memory of our time spent together!!!

I’m dreaming geometric shapes every night and am excited to play with my new compass….

Lindka Cierach: Couturier and Fashion Designer