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Mandalas of the World

with Daniel Docherty

A truly inspirational week!

7 - 11 April 2025

Cost: £425 (limited conc. available)

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SAOG Studios 
Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX, UK

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Mandalas, in essence, can be understood to be diagrams, patterns and pictures that are distillations of cosmic wisdom and harmony; repositories of archetypal intelligence.

Mandalas offer a potentially powerful means of deepening one’s spiritual and contemplative practice. This is especially true when they are constructed - using the traditional tools of compass and straightedge - in a considered and contemplative manner.

During this five-day course, Daniel Docherty will guide participants through the construction of a number of mandalas from different traditions including mandalas that embody significant planetary patterns. We will explore their inherent symbolism and cosmic correspondences. Participants will also make their our own inks and paints from plant and mineral in order to colour and ensoul their designs. 

Course participants requiring accommodation/meals may book directly with Emerson:; alternatively, there are generally plenty of local B&Bs, airbnbs, hotels etc in and around Forest Row and within 10/25 minutes walk of SAOG Studios. 

For further info, contact:

What a wonderful course!

 I cannot believe how much we got through!

 It was a mind stretching, heart warming and soul inspiring week. I am so very grateful ...

Sara Hall (Nov. 2021)

An amazing workshop, I would definitely recommend it

Harpinder (Aug/Sept. 2022)

Thank you Daniel for your help and patience. I feel that I am getting there with it all. I have kept the drawings which went wrong and I will keep them for myself. I found the experience challenging but enriching.

I hope to join you again for another course.

Helen (Aug/Sept. 2022)


‘This course is one of the most enlightening, sacred and open-hearted courses I have ever done. I have not only leaned about "Sacred Art of Geometry" and how to draw mandalas, but have been led into a mystical, magical world that has only just started. This course is a treasure and my soul is nourished.'

Anon. (Aug/Sept. 2022)

What a week

What incredible teaching.

Very very special and digesting it all

Bless you!

Amazing teachings and teacher you are.

Susy (Aug/Sept. 2022)

My heart & mind were blown open last week during this journey into the Sacred Art of Geometry. Every night since, I’ve been dreaming in mandalas and waking feeling nourished! Thank you Daniel, SAOG Studios is a wonderful school.

Louise (Aug/Sept. 2022)

I am writing to you to let you know how much I loved your teaching and being at SAOG studios this last week. The book we did, going from number 1 to 12 is such a treasure to keep. I have been going through my notes and experimenting with different possibilities of patterns and colours. Pure joy! I feel truly inspired.

Thank you and your lovely wife Vija for your generosity with your time and space. And coffee and cake!

I'll be back soon!

Katie (Aug/Sept 23)

The five days we spent together, diving into Sacred Mandalas of the World, were deeply healing days. It happened in an ocean of time and yet so fast it went and all was over. Deeply thankful for Daniel's warmth, patience and precise guiding into complex structures!

I hope to be able to return very soon. 

So thankful for all the support I felt during these days- a lot of energy to bring home.

Karin (March 23)

Gentle, tender and very delightfully active.

Jane (June 2024)

A blissful, full-on five days!

I'm always amazed that days which start so slowly and leisurely become so very productive - and how Daniel sweetly and gently coaxes the most amazing mandalas from everyone.

Thank you so much

Cryn (June 2024)

"This course has been a total joy, and it has been full of spiritual and cosmic revelation. The way Daniel teaches perfectly fits the way that I learn best. He treats the material with such reverence and poetic beauty. I feel this week has opened up a path for me, and I feel it will play an important part in my life from now on. I always felt barred from the artistic world, not feeling in any way that I possessed artistic talent but this course has given me access to an artistic passion. I only wish I had been introduced to this way of understanding and practising sacred art earlier! Thank you so much. "

John Wadsworth: Mandalas of the World (May 2019) course participant; PhD research student at CCCU and author of Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the Twelve Zodiac Gateways to Create Balance, Happiness & Wholeness

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