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The Conscious Universe

A talk by John Martineau

John Martineau a little book of coincidence
Sacred Art of Geometry

Symposium 2016
Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX
Friday 8 April 7pm

Cost: £7 conc. £5
This talk took place on 8 April 2016. A huge thanks to John Martineau for not only synthesising and sharing aspects of his past and present research (and in the process totally inspiring the full house audience), but also offering the talk proceeds to two meaningful local initiatives: Emerson based Robin's Nest Early Years Setting and the Tablehurst Farm 'Peter Brown-straw-bale build' project

John Martineau will be joining us once again at SAOG Studios July 2022 for a week-long Patterns of the Planets symposium.Tom Bree, Daniel Docherty, Adam Tetlow, John Wadsworth and Hartmut Warm are also due to be presenting at the event. Bookings are now open:

Patterns of the planets.  Details tbc.

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Why does the universe appear so finely-tuned for biological life?  And closer to home, why does our closest neighbour, Venus, draw a pentagram around Earth every eight years?  How come the Sun and the Moon appear the same size in the sky?  Are we in some way 'participating' in the evolution of the universe, as John Archibald Wheeler claimed?  In this highly illustrated and entertaining talk, publisher John Martineau will demonstrate how the modern doctrine of randomness fails to explain some of the most basic phenomena around us.  Instead, he will argue, the true nature of the universe and its relationship to conscious observers may be much weirder than most people imagine.  Prepare for a fascinating evening.  


John Martineau is publisher and editor of the international award-winning Wooden Books pocket liberal arts series, which has been translated into 20 languages worldwide.  Also the author of A LITTLE BOOK OF COINCIDENCE IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM, his primary hobby is collecting solutions to the Cosmological Anthropic Principle.


Proceeds to support Emerson based Robin's Nest Early Years Setting (providers of Symposium child care and children's workshops) and the
Tablehurst Farm 'Peter Brown-straw-bale build' initiative.
The Conscious Universe - Talk by John Martineau
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