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The Golden Ratio: 

Jewel of Geometry and Cosmos

1 - 3 November 2024

Fibonacci Spirals in an Ox-Eye Daisy
golden ratio
Golden Ratio course at SAOG Studios
Platonic Solids Da Vinci
Golden Ratio in Flowers
The golden Section in the Platonic Solids
Golden Section Geometry
Golden Sunflower
Golden Spirals
golden ratio
The golden Section in the Platonic Solids
Phi in the Sky: The proportions of Earth and Moon defined by five
Drawing geometry
golden ratio
Daniel Docherty exploring the Dance of Earth and Venus
golden ratio
Drawing Golden Spirals
golden ratio
John Martineau opens event with 'Conscious Universe' lecture
Golden Section
golden ratio
golden ratio
golden ratio
Dance of Earth and Venus
Golden Section

 Golden Ratio: Jewel of Geometry and Cosmos

1 - 3 November 2024 (10:00 - 17:00)

Course fee: £245

(Buy Now button to secure place with a 50% course fee deposit of £122.50;

remaining course fee balance is due no later than course commencement.

Course deposits are refundable in full up to six weeks prior to course andnon-refundable thereafter.)

SAOG Studios

SAOG Studios, Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX

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 Golden ratio, golden mean, divine proportion, phi, 1:1.618..., 

'precious jewel', golden section, divine cut - and the list goes on.

This unique ratio (logos) has intrigued and inspired the world's greatest minds. We see it embodied in the art and architecture of the ancients. It permeates the fruits of the world's manifold sacred/cultural traditions; the majority of the fruits that we eat also embody a fivefold quality! Euclid (325 - 265 BC) first defines what seems to have been hitherto a revered sacred secret occasionally alluded to within the oral tradition. It is one of the fundamental patterns of creation and informs the cosmos at every level of being. It hovers around the famous Fibonacci sequence ( and phyllotaxis patterns. Da Vinci and Durers' meticulous studies of human proportions reveal an abundance of phi forms. The research of two contemporary astronomers/cosmologists, John Martineau (UK) and Hartmut Warm (GER), reveal and confirm an array of golden ratio relationships within our Solar System and beyond! The five 'Platonic Solids' reverberate with it's presence ...


SacredArtofGeometry's (SAOG Studios) Golden Ratio, introductory three-day course, is primarily practical i.e. this 'divine ratio' is experienced through the doing of it as we make, model, and weave forms and patterns that

sing with 'golden meaning'!

Each activity is presented in a gently guided, step-by-step manner; the course is thus suitable for those with no prior geometry/mathematical experience and also those more familiar with the subject.

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