Number, Harmony and the Measure of Heaven and Earth

SAOG Studios Symposium

What a wonderful two days! So great to see and reconnect with so many old friends and to welcome all those new to SAOG Studios.

Adam Tetlow, who's current ancient metrology/canons of proportion research and revelations and the impetus for the event, was unfortunately unable to be present due to a last minute injury incurred with the router when making the final adjustments to his Monochord with which he was due to demonstrate his latest discoveries!! Happy to hear that the healing process is going well - we'll host an event at SAOG Studios to celebrate the launch of Adam's forthcoming Ancient Metrology book (to be publ. by Wooden Books 2018) and will keep you posted as and when dates are confirmed.

Gratitude to John Martineau, who together with Daniel Docherty, filled the void with such interesting and relevant material; John's latest 'Venus' presentation, incorporating new research of pentagonal/phi geometry at work on the recently discovered Trappist-1 system, was absolutely jaw-dropping!?

Jonathan Horning's Rose Window masterclass was full of such wise contemplations and considered construction analysis; we will certainly be scheduling a fuller five day course with Jonathan (and Co.) incorporating more Rose Window/Gothic Tracery geometry for the Summer 2018 programme (29 July-5 August tbc; we'll also be scheduling a shorter weekend Rose Window Geometry course around Springtime 2018- check 'Course' listings).

Tom Bree's latest Wells Cathedral material, delivered as 'Cosmos in Stone' and followed by a practical geometry session, was profoundly inspiring; so to was Hartmut Warm's concluding exposition on the 'Signature of the Celestial Spheres'.

Enjoy a few glimpses of the occasion below ...

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