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Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geography 
with Judith Way (and Daniel Docherty)
23-26 August 2018 
Contact: for details
The Clay Room and SAOG Studios 
Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX, UK

Judith writes ...

At the end of August, I have an artist residency at Emerson College, and am able to open up the studio over the full moon bank holiday weekend to share the space in a creative collaboration with the Sacred Art of Geometry Studio which is resident in the leafy haven of Emerson College.   


This will take the form of a four day creative workshop, which will be taught by myself, with daily geometry practice led by Daniel Docherty.  

Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geography 


This workshop will engage creative craft through contemplative practice, connecting with the very substance of the landscapes, both inner and outer;  to experience the restorative nature of art when it is engaged as an act of reverence. 

On the evenings of the weekend, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, there will be open studio talks which cover and expand on some of the themes inspiring the workshop. 


These talks will be open to all; and may also include other contributors as yet to be confirmed.  


Art in the mythic mandala -  which explores the role of artist within craft, community and culture, in the context of abandoning historicism and literalism as a definitive construct, and navigating through the mythic imagination, while maintaining a direct link to place. 


Sophia and Christianity re- imagined -  at its kernel, this talk raises the issues of how Christianity can be understood as valuable through the image of Sophia,  and how its esoteric and exoteric manifestations have shaped culture. 


Details of the talks to be confirmed in August. 


This  workshop is intended for a small group, and so if you are interested in joining in this creative time please let me know as soon as you can.  I can give more detailed responses via email  ( regarding curriculum, and daily schedule if you are interested. 

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Emerson College is a beautiful place for a contemplative retreat, and there is accommodation and even catering options if you are considering to travel for this occasion.  I am happy to research options for you if this is the case.   To be there at the end of summer is a great blessing, and in proximity of the Sacred Art of Geometry studio even more cause for excitement.   If you are not yet aware of what treasures lie there, this could be a good moment to discover. 

The cost of the four-day workshop including materials is £280 - this includes the evening talks 

Accommodation at Emerson and food at Emerson would be separate.  

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